Research Fellowship

Empirical evidence generated through research guides equation’s product development and ultimately our capital allocation.

We view research as a valuable contributor to equation’s development. Therefore, we will accommodate new insights and work together with Fellows to link their insights to practical applications.

01 Setup
Fellows conduct quantitative research with equation in addition to their ongoing academic program, either through a self-initiated research proposal or on an existing research topic of equation.
02 Data
equation provides fellows with data and insights relevant to the research topic or supports strongly in setting up processes to obtain required data in a scalable manner.
03 Peer-Exchange
We facilitate exchange between equation Fellows, academic ecosystems as well as practitioners in private markets through networking events, off-sites,
04 Research Outcomes
Research projects will produce academic insights to be published in the relevant field. equation supports with research guidance to maximize chances to publish a Fellow’s paper.
Max Sina Knicker

Max Sina Knicker

Research Fellow

Our research fellow Max Sina Knicker is currently pursuing a PhD in Econophysics and Complex Systems at the École Polytechnique in Paris. He holds an M.Sc. in Physics from the Technical University of Munich and an honours degree in Technology and Management from the CDTM. His interests lie in the applications of statistical physics to complex socio-economic systems.

At equation, he works on models to understand the dynamics of venture funding and success, and develops quantitative models for equation's evidence-driven investment decisions.