LP Solutions

With the help of equation’s software platform, LPs receive scientifically sound support to execute investment strategies in Private Markets, especially Venture Capital and Private Equity. The focus of the software rests on the continuous analysis and comparison of millions of dynamically evolving data points for the efficient preparation of investment decisions. The software is used by some of Europe’s largest and most active Limited Partners.

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GP Solutions

equation has strengthened its offering towards GPs with the recent acquisition of Betterfront Technologies to re-invent the archaic fundraising process in private markets and to facilitate much-needed liquidity for Venture Capital and Private Equity investors. Betterfront allows fund managers to visualize their track record and connect seamlessly with their investors via a smart data room. Since its inception in 2019, the company supported emerging and established fund managers in raising more than €4B with its all-in-one fundraising and track record analytics platform

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