Venture Capital

We strategically invest in upcoming VC firms, often in first fund generations, based on an informational edge that grows day by day.

Within its first year of operation, equation has already backed more than ten young and aspiring Venture Capital firms and is now rapidly expanding its investment activity throughout Europe:

Micro VC

Venture Capital is on the rise globally — across technologies, industries, and in terms of innovative investment styles. Our fund strategies reduce downside risk while letting our investors benefit from venture returns in emerging ecosystems, newly forming industries and innovative investment styles.

Emerging Managers

We believe in the tremendous potential of new investment firms. Frequently neglected due to lack of track record, they bring new investment styles and sector focus to the market. This expertise, often combined with founder experience, make emerging managers a highly attractive target of our investment activities.

Co-Investments and SPVs

We value the opportunity to selectively co-invest alongside the GPs we partner with - a great way for our investors to complement their portfolio with direct investment exposure.